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Grades PK-2


My presentation is WAY more than just a book reading!!! I offer a unique presentation that encourages audience participation with games, songs and Q&A  along with an interactive reading of Chicken Lips!  I hope to help foster a love of reading, writing and music! 

Grades 3-6


With this age group I offer a very engaging presentation that details out all the steps it took me to create 'Chicken Lips'! We discuss the writing & illustration process, talk about the importance of small details and perseverance and have a Q & A session.  We also discuss the different careers I encountered throughout the publication process.  

Virtual Visits


Virtual visits are offered for 3rd-6th grades.  We discuss the publication process  in a very interactive format.  This is good for groups of 50 or less. 

Praise for School Visits


 "The author of Chicken Lips, Kristy Hamby, spoke to our Sharks today about different types of writing. Ms. Hamby also shared her publishing experience. We are lucky to have this author for a few more days this week to share her first published book." - Shiloh Point Elementary

" The children had a fabulous time. " - Concord Baptist Church Preschool

"What an amazing visit! Our students and teachers enjoyed every aspect of her visit!" - Vickery Mill Elementary

"The amazing author, Kristy Hamby, shared her new book “Chicken Lips” with our students today. She explained the whole process of publishing a book to our aspiring writers." -Chicopee Woods Elementary

"We had a blast with author Kristy Hamby reading her new book Chicken Lips"- Myers Elementary

" ... inspires students to be proud of who they are! " - Dawson Middle

MVE was super excited to meet GA author Kristy Hamby! When I talked to students afterwards they were amazed they actually got to meet a “real live” author and learn about the process of getting a book published. They loved her book , Chicken Lips and thought she was awesome!" - Mountain View Elementary

" Thank you Mrs. Hamby for inspiring us to become great writers!" - Kelly Mill Elementary 

Praise for Chicken Lips


- "This book can serve as a conversation starter about acceptance with children and parents, and or teachers and students. I definitely recommend this book!" - Bilingual Lifestyle  Blog 

-  "Chicken Lips is a cute and colorful book that teaches a great lesson. I loved the colorful pictures! Great addition to any library! " - Jessica P. 

- "The story is great because it helps to teach a valuable life lesson in a way that is understandable even for younger children." - Melissa W.

- " I love finding books that offer positive messages in their story line. Nowadays with so much awareness about bullying, it's important to teach kids early on that differences in people can actually be a good thing." - Silicon Valley Mom blog

- " This character building book is such a great addition to classrooms and children that may feel a little bit different because of his or her name. It also shows that every cow, and person, is special for a reason!" - Elementary Darling

- " It’s such a sweet little story that shows that everyone (cows included) is special for a reason. " - Mommy needs cookies blog

- " I love what principles can be applied in teaching children how everyone is different!"  -Myreadingzen Book Blog children's book

Now offering Literacy Night Red Carpet Appearance


Come walk the red carpet and view Author Kristy Hamby "Live onstage!"

This package typically includes: Red Carpet Walk, Photo Booth, Popcorn for students, live book reading and presentation, and meet and greet with the author. 

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